Intruder alarm:

An intruder alarm system primarily acts as a deterrent and to detect intrusion at the earliest possible moment by activating sounders at the premises or by sending signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to inform key holders, police or a key holding company. We install professional intruder alarm systems with the utmost care and attention to detail; whilst always focusing on the protection that it provides your home, business, school or place of worship.
Over many years we have tested hundreds of products to bring you the most reliable and efficient detection and control equipment. Our highly trained and experienced engineers install cabling and devices with diligence and attention to detail. From the simplest audible siren to high-security dual-path monitored systems with or without police response, we will match your risks and concerns with the response option that is appropriate.
We install alarm systems from scratch, replace and update old systems and in some cases take-over maintenance of systems that meet current Standards and our own exacting codes of practice. Our systems can be set with the use of proximity token and/or codes. For alarms with police response, the use of the tag is required in order to set and inset the system. For all other alarms, you may use tags or codes to set and unset the alarm.
It is also possible to alarm an area if you are in the premises by part setting the ground floor at night.
Audible only systems
An audibly only alarm uses internal and external sounders to signal when an alarm has been activated, relying on noise to alert the area and scare off an intruder. If you have an audible only system and wish to upgrade to a monitored system, please contact us for further information.
Monitored systems ARC or by your self
These systems connect with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), sometimes called a monitoring station or central station to alert either key holders and/or police of alarm activation with or without the use of the internal and external sounders to alert the area and scare off an intruder.

Whilst a dedicated telephone line for alarm monitoring is always best, we realise that it is not always possible. The alarm can share with voice and data applications; but filters are usually fitted to the line. Or by having a GSM communicator installed there’s no need for a fixed phone line so if the line has been tampered with, the alarm will still send a signal to your proffered port of contact notifying the alarm has been activated. 
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